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  3D Scanning - Solutionix

Solutionix C500 / D500 / D700 High Accuracy 3D Scanners

Highest Accuracy Industrial Scanning

Solutionix 3D scanners have accuracies up to 0.01mm. This level of accuracy is possible due to the use of non-laser structured light scanning technology with the highest quality components and software.

Using a blue light to project various striped patterns across an object, the Solutionix 3D scanners uses a technology that has been proven for its high accuracy in industries such as automotive, dentistry and aerospace.

Photogrammetry can also be used with the Solutionix 3D scanner to accurately 3D capture large objects such as cars with accuracies up to 0.1mm.


Certified VDI 2634 Accuracy

Solutionix scanner accuracy isn't just a marketing claim. Solutionix 3D scanners are tested according to VDI 2634, a German engineering test method for scanners that provides a proven way to check scanner accuracy. Many scanner suppliers do not test their scanners using an independent test method such as VDI 2634, so their accuracy claims are difficult or not able to be independently verified. Certified accuracy is a must for academic research, quality control and other scientific applications.


C500 - 1 Click High Speed Scanning & Versatility

The Solutionix C500 3D scanner operates with a unique tilt and turntable that is operated with the single click of a button. Just place the object on the turntable, click and within minutes a complete scan is ready at the highest accuracy.

Lenses can be interchanged and recalibrated in minutes. This flexibility provides value to the end user who may need to scan both large and small objects.

Staff training costs are minimised and repeatability of scans are improved due to the automatic scan functions. Errors that can occur with other scanners that rely on the operator's physical technique are avoided.

Solutionix D500 & D700 3D Scanning For Small Objects

The Solutionix D500 and D700 3D scanners have an automated motion control system in a compact box that automatically moves the object to different positions. This allows the scanner to automatically see almost all of the object in one setup. A 0.01mm accurate scan is just a single mouse click away with resolutions up to 0.029mm


Full Colour Scanning

Solutionix scanners capture colour, producing full colour 3D files ready for visualisation or 3D printing in full colour.

Complete Software & Hardware Package

The Solutionix 3D scanner comes with digitizing software that enables a user to combine scan images from different orientations into a single 3D colour model. Files are fully compatible with CAD and 3D print software using STL and OBJ file formats.

Brochures & Specifications

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