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  3D Scanning - Solutionix

Solutionix 3D Scanner

High Accuracy Industrial Scanning

The Solutionix Rexcan 3D scanner provides non-contact high accuracy inspection to 0.015mm. This level of accuracy is possible due to the use of non-laser scanning technology.

Using a halogen lamp to project various striped patterns across an object, the Solutionix Rexcan 3D scanner uses a technology that has been proven for its high accuracy in industries such as automotive, dentistry and aerospace.

Photogrammetry can also be used with the Solutionix 3D scanner to accurately 3D capture objects such as cars.


VDI 2634 Accuracy

Solutionix scanners are all tested according to VDI 2634, a German engineering test method for scanners that provides a proven way to check scanner accuracy. Most scanner suppliers do not test their scanners using an independent test method such as VDI 2634, so their accuracy claims are difficult or not able to be independently verified.


High Speed & Ease of Use

Field calibration unit

The Solutionix Rexcan 3D scanner operates just like a normal digital camera. You just point the scanner at an object, use the direct video feed to the computer to position the object correctly and then scan.

The area seen in a single scan can range from 50mm x 38mm, up to 410mm x 300mm depending on the camera lens fitted. Lenses can be interchanged and recalibrated in less than 10 minutes. This flexibility provides value to the end user who may need to scan both large and small objects.

Staff training costs are minimised and repeatability of scans are improved due to the automatic scan functions. Errors that can occur with other scanners that rely on the operator's physical technique are avoided.

Automated 3D Scanning - Rexcan DS

With Solutionix's optional computer controlled rotating table, you can index the part to be scanned and capture all sides in one automated process. The Rexcan DS 3D scanner is connected to an automated motion control system enclosed in a box that moves the object to different positions to allow the scanner to automatically see almost all of the object in one setup.

Photogrammetry markers can also be read by the Solutionix 3D scanner to perform high accuracy scanning of large objects without using traditional photogrammetry cameras.

Portable Rexcan 3

The Solutionix Rexcan 3D scanner weighs approximately 6 Kg and does not require a host computer. This allows the Solutionix to quickly and easily moved between locations for 3D scanning.

Complete Software & Hardware Package

The Solutionix 3D scanner comes with digitizing software that enables a user to combine disparate scans, such as that shown above, and then combine and merge the data into a single 3D model.

Cross section curves as well as complete 3D polygon models can be exported for use in other CAD packages.

Software packages such as those provided by Raindrop Geomagic can process 3D scan data from the Solutionix 3D scanner directly into NURBS files or compare the scan data to a CAD file.

Brochures & Specifications

Download DS brochure (PDF: 524Kb)PDF

Download Rexcan 3 brochure (PDF: 2.1 Mb) PDF


DS movie: Download (11MB Windows Media File)

Rexcan 3 movie: Download (19.5MB Windows Media File)


- Light Source Halogen 250W
- Optimal 3D measurement distances from scanner to object 0.42 to 1.34 metres
- Scan Area (Diagonal length) 45mm to 1.094 metres depending on lense set
- Accuracy 0.007mm (5.0 megapixel lense at 420mm distance to object) to 0.047mm (0.8 megapixel lens at 1.34 metre distance to object)
- Resolution 0.03mm (5.0 megapixel lense at 420mm distance to object) to 0.43mm (0.8 megapixel lens at 1.34 metre distance to object)
- 3D Scan Time 3 seconds per image
- Number of Output Pixels 0.8, 1.2, 2 and 5 megapixel sensors
- Ambient Lighting Conditions Shaded or no lighting preferred
- On-board Recording Optional Compact Flash card for scanning without a computer.
- Power consumption Commercial AC power 100 to 240V (50 to 60Hz)
- External dimensions 213 (W) x 413 (H) x 271 (D) mm
- Weight 5 kg (main unit only)
- Operating temperature 10 to 40 degrees C
- Operating humidity Relative humidity 65% or less with no condensation, Pollution degree: 2, Installation category: II
- Storage conditions -10 to 50 degrees C; relative humidity 85% or less (at 35 degrees C) with no condensation
- Operating system Windows NT® 4.0 (Service Pack 6 or higher), Windows® 2000 (Service Pack 2 or higher), Windows® XP (Service Pack 1 or higher)