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Our staff have been 3D scanning people and objects since 1999. Qubic has the most comprehensive range of 3D scanners in Australia.

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Qubic is an Australian company specialising in the installation, training and education of 3D scanning, 3D printers and desktop Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machining technology.

Our aim is to provide general industry with affordable 3D-scanning and desktop-CNC technology. Industries and professionals that currently use these technologies include designers, engineers, animators, computer simulation, quality assurance, museum curators and teachers among many others.

3D scanning and desktop-machining technologies have been in widespread use in the United States, Japan and Europe for over two decades. Using our expertise with these technologies, Qubic aims to assist Australian organisations to adopt these technologies in the shortest possible timeframe. Users have achieved productivity improvements, improved speed to market and superior products after adopting these technologies.

The staff at Qubic have years of commercial experience in product design, 3D scanning and design management.

Qubic staff also provides education services to students and guest lecturing sessions.

We are focused on providing our customers with a level of service and support that ensures technology works for them from day one. We know how to use 3D technology.