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Best Price - Performance Ratio

The Rangevision Spectrum 3D scanner uses structured light to provide high performance at an attractive price point. Designed to scan small to large objects the Rangevision Specturm 3D scanner uses an adjustable field of view to quickly move between scanning small to large objects, plus an automated turntable is included as standard.

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Key Features of Rangevision Spectrum

Full Colour Scanning
Capture 3D colour to produce fully textured 3D models for animation, visualisation and virtual reality applications.

High Quality 3D Data
High resolution and low noise allows the Rangevision Spectrum 3D scanner to capture fine details on small objects such as coins and jewellery.

Fully Featured Software
Rangevision software provides all the features required to create a complete 3D file ready to export in a range of industry standard 3D formats.


3 Scan Modes

Automatic turntable scanning - An automated turntable is included as standard, allowing for simple one button click 3D scanning.

Targets - Larger items such as car panels can be scanned using target markers to auto align scans as you move.

Free scan - Scan without targets or a turntable, moving the scanner freely around an object

Brochures & Specifications

Download Rangevision Spectrum 3D Scanner brochure PDF

Youtube Video of the Rangevision Spectrum 3D Scanner


- Light Source LED
- Scan Area (Diagonal length)
520 x 390 x 390mm
280 x 210 x 210mm
133 x 100 x 100mm
- Accuracy
- Scan distance
- Resolution
- Camera Resolution
3.1 Megapixels
- Scan time
Around 12 seconds per single image
- Ambient Lighting Conditions
Shaded or low office light
- Automatic Turntable
125mm diameter, 5Kg weight limit
- Operating temperature
10 to 30 degrees C
- Alignment modes
Targets, automatic turntable, automatic geometry fitting
- Operating system
Windows 7/10 64 bit, 3 x USB 2 compatible ports on separate USB channels, 8GB RAM, i7 Intel, video card with dual monitor support, Nvidia GT/GTX/Geforce 1GB or higher graphics card recommended, 65W power