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  Vismach 3D Foot Scanner


Vismach Low Cost 3D Foot Scanner for Orthotics

Vismach System

3D Foot Scan Output

Easy to Use 3D Scanner - High Speed 3D Pictures

The Vismach 3D scanner finally delivers a quality 3D foot scanner at an affordable price for all podiatrists.

The key benefits of the Vismach system are:

Proven accuracy - tested against $60,000 plus high end industrial 3D scanners)
High speed - 0.1 second scan time eliminates errors from moving feet
Easy to use - Operates just like a normal digital camera
Clean data - Smooth, high resolution data means better fitting orthotics
No need for special socks or other foot covering - Just scan natural skin
Open source - You are NOT locked into a specific orthotic lab. Use the data with any CADCAM enabled orthotic lab.
No more plaster casts - Save time, materials and freight costs.


The Vismach scan system can be customised with your own logo for those organisations that wish to purchase multiple scanners for their client base.

Twin Unit Scanner

Vismach Twin 3D Foot Scanner

The Vismach scanner is the only low cost scanner on the market to offer a 'Twin Scanner' setup to capture geometry on both side of the foot up to the ankle. This provides the ultimate accuracy for orthotic manufacturing.

EXCLUSIVE TO QUBIC: Qubic can supply a specially designed cabinet system that can be left in place. This exact position of each scanner has been carefully tested and an optimum position has been determined. Travelling podiatrists can simply bring their twin Vismach scanners to any location, attach the two scanners and be ready to scan in less than 10 minutes.


Acquiring 3D digital model of naked plantar surface without toes, non-weight bearing w/subtalar neutral. Captures foot wearing nylon stocking (with toe area). Weight bearing scans using optional scanning cabinet.
Can digitize plaster casts, foam impressions, and casting socks.


Can be used in normal office lighting (not directly pointed at light sources).


400mm (16 inch) nominal, 350mm (14 inch)~530mm (21 inch) range


0.1 second for 3D geometry. 0.5 second including color texture captures.


0.5 mm or 0.02 inch in X, Y, Z directions.

File Formats

OBJ; STL; DXF; 3DS; ASC; VRML 2.0; NET (Inspeck); VGG (Vismach)

Computer OS

Windows 2000 (Non Server Edition); Windows XP; Windows Vista


Pentium-4 1GMhz or above, Memory 512M or more.

Power supply

90~264V 50/60HZ AC power, worldwide compatibility


280 X170 X 90 mm or 11 X 6. 7 X 3. 5 inch


3.0 Kg or 6.6 lb



  • Vismach 3D Orthotics Digitizer hardware unit

  • Power adaptor

  • USB connection cable

  • Installation CD or USB drive (Software, User Guide, and Tutorial)



  • USB foot-switch (to free practitioner’s hands from the mouse).

  • Study carrying case (protection during transport and mobile setup support).

  • Dual-Unit cabinet


  • Custom 3D Orthotics Digitizer hardware unit appearance (with your logo)

  • Custom software graphic interface (with your logo)

  • Custom 3D VGG file format encryption to allow a LAB control over Clinics.

  • Other special request projects.