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ROLAND MODELA Pro II MDX-540 Benchtop CNC Mill


The Roland Modela MDX-540 is a professional level CNC milling machine with the power to easily cut light metals such as aluminium and copper but with the precision and speed to perform the finest 3D engraving. Its compact size means it can fit into space constrained premises and can be easily moved.

Entry Level to Experienced Professionals
The introduction of Roland’s MODELA PRO II and SRP Player software allow even novices to operate the MDX-540 for professional results. Every MDX-540 comes equipped with Roland SRP Player, which was developed exclusively for the MDX-540. Simply enter the required information into five setting groups and SRP Player does the rest, automatically determining the best tools and other details required to generate the optimum tool path. To prevent costly and time-consuming errors, SRP Player allows you to preview your job on-screen to confirm the cutting path for quality results every time.

2D and 3D engraving software is also included.

Designed from the ground up for ease of use, the MDX-540 features a handy control panel that simplifies the setup and production processes by strategically grouping the most commonly used settings. Using a jog-dial, you can quickly and easily reposition tools and adjust spindle speeds without interrupting the milling process. For other settings, simply access the MDX-540’s on-screen operation panel featuring clear, easy-to-navigate icons.

The Roland MDX-540 Modela also supports standard NC code so experienced professionals can connect the MDX-540 to existing machining programs such as Mastercam and Surfcam.

Designers, educators, engineers, jewellers and patternmakers are just some of the users who benefit from the Roland MDX-540.

High End Features
The MDX-540 features numerous upgrades including a more rugged body design, faster arithmetic processing, improved smoothing functions, a streamlined worktable and more. Nearly every part and feature have been upgraded for superior all-around performance. Curved and rounded surfaces are smoother than ever for flawless finishes every time. The MDX-540 features a combination of Digital AC Servo motors and Feed Forward Processing (DAC-FFP) commonly used in larger, more expensive NC machines. This advanced technology ensures optimum torque and speed throughout the production process for powerful, high-speed milling.

A large, conveniently located emergency stop switch enables you to shut down the machine instantly at the push of a button. The spindle cover door includes a safety switch that prevents the machine’s operation when open. An optional safety cover is available which makes the cutting mechanism inaccessible during operation. The cover also cuts down noise and simultaneously prevents material and dust produced during machining from entering the surrounding environment.

A wide range of accessories are available for the MDX-540. These range from a rotary axis to simplify cutting undercuts; vacuum tables; automatic tool changer and different spindle units.

For its price range and features, Roland MDX-540 provides excellent value for money. Backed by the 'Roland' brand, the MDX-540 is a compact, high quality CNC machine that improves upon the first generation MDX-650.

An independent benchmarking study by TA Grimms & Associates comparing the first generation Roland MDX-650 to other layering prototyping machines is available via the Roland 3D website. Click here to gain access.

A 4 page extract focussing on the Roland MDX-650 is available for download (PDF 874Kb): 4 Page Benchmarking Extract

4th Axis
4th axis simplifies cutting from 2 sides
Auto tool changer
Automatic tool changer allows unattended operations
4th Axis part
Finished part

Download a brochure (PDF: 620 Kb) PDF


  MDX-540 MDX-540A
Cuttable material Plastic, resin and light metal
XYZ-axis travels 500mm (X) x 400mm (Y) x 155mm (Z) 400mm (X) x 400mm (Y) x 155mm (Z)
Distance from spindle nose to table Maximum 254 mm
Table size 550mm (W) x 420mm (D)
Loadable workpiece weight At acceleration of 0.2G: maximum 12kg, 0.1G: 20kg, 0.05G: 20kg
XYZ-axis drive system AC servo motor, 60W
Operating speed Maximum 7.5m/min
Acceleration 0.2G, 0.1G, 0.05G
Software resolution RML-1 mode: 0.01mm, NC-code mode: 0.001mm
Mechanical resolution 0.001mm
Positioning accuracy 0.1mm/300 mm, under no-load conditions
Repeat accuracy 0.05mm, under no-load conditions
Origin reproducibility (when the power is switched on/off) 0.05mm
Spindle motor DC brushless motor, maximum 400W
Spindle speed 400 to 12,000 rpm; 400 to 3,000 rpm for positioning and centering
Tool chuck Collet method, maximum tool diameter: 10mm Tool holder format, Taper shank: JBS4002 15T 7/24 taper; Pull stud: JBS4002 15P (45), special
Control command sets RML-1 and NC codes
Interface USB (compliant with Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 1.1)
Power supply Voltage and frequency: AC 100 to 120 V/220 to 240 V 10%, 50/60 Hz
Required power capacity: 7A (100 to 120V)/4A (220 to 240V)
Power consumption Approx. 700W
Acoustic noise level During operation (no cutting): 65dB (A) or less, during standby: 40dB (A) or less (according to ISO 7779)
Dimensions Width x depth x height: 745 x 955 x 858mm
Weight 102kg 109kg
Operating temperature 5 to 40C
Operating humidity 35 to 80% (no condensation)
Included items Handy panel, power cord, tool sensor, sensor cable, nut, nut wrench, wrench, hexagonal wrenches, Roland Software CD-ROM, SRP Player CD-ROM, User's Manual, Roland Software Software Guide, SRP Player Installation and Setup Guide, and NC Code Reference Manual Handy panel, power cord, tool sensor, sensor cable, nut, nut wrench, wrench, hexagonal wrenches, Roland Software CD-ROM, SRP Player CD-ROM, User's Manual, Roland Software Software Guide, SRP Player Installation and Setup Guide, NC Code Reference Manual, and Automatic Tool Changer (Refer to the ZAT-540 specs below.)
Automatic Tool Changer (ZAT-540) Specifications
Number of tools housed 4
Maximum tool length 110 mm (4.3 in.)
Maximum tool diameter 10 mm (0.4 in.)
Maximum tool weight
350 g (0.77 lb.)
Tool-holder format
Taper shank: JBS4002 15T 7/24 taper. Pull stud: JBS4002 15P (45 ), special.
Tool-selection method
Direct-changing type, fixed-address specification
Compatible compressed air
0.7 to 1.0 MPa, 50 L/min or higher
Spindle speed 400 to 12,000 rpm; 400 to 3,000 rpm for positioning and centering
6.8 kg (15 lb.) (total weight including spindle, magazine, control box, etc.)
Included items Control box, magazine unit, ATC spindle, air cylinder, base plate, Z-origin sensor, spacer, cap screws, hexagonal wrenches, retaining bands, cable retainers, and user's manual
Rotary axis unit (ZCL-540) Specifications
Supported workpiece Resin (metal not supported)
Maximum angle of rotation 21,474,836.47 (59,652.3 turns)
Loadable workpiece size*1 Items within the range of a 90 mm (3.5 in.) in radius from the center of the rotary axis by 371 mm (14.6 in.) long. The actual cuttable range is smaller than this.
Workpiece thickness holdable by workpiece chuck
15 to 100 mm (0.6 to 3.9 in.)
Loadable workpiece weight
Maximum 5 kg (11 lb.), maximum moment of inertia: 0.02 kgm2
Center drill used: Maximum 1.5 kg (3.3 lb.)
Control method Simultaneous 4-axis control
Feed rate Feed rate Maximum 20 rpm
Software resolution RML-1 mode: 0.1, NC-code mode: 0.01
Mechanical resolution 0.002
Static precision Backlash: 0.05 , Eccentricity: 0.3 mm (0.012 in.) or less
Dimensions 720 mm (W) x 100 mm (D) x 195 mm (H) [28.3 (W) x 3.9 (D) x 7.7 (H) in.]
Weight 6.5 kg (14.5 lb.) (total weight including drive unit, tailstock, base plates, etc.)
Included items Drive unit, tailstock, base plates, live center, center drill, Y-origin sensor, Z-origin sensor, spacer, origin-detection pin, cap screws, T-slot nuts, hexagonal wrenches, retaining band, and user's manual