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ROLAND MODELA MDX-40R 3D Scanner & Desktop CNC Mill


The Roland MDX-40R Modela is a computer controlled mill for the desktop. A 3D scanning attachment will be available in the future as an optional accessory.

Easy to use and compatible with all 3D CAD software programs, the Roland MDX-40R Modela is a fast and affordable CNC mill. With a motor ten times more powerful and over three times faster than the entry-level Roland MDX-20/15 Modela, the Roland MDX-40R is perfect for larger product designs, durable prototypes for testing, and prototype tooling. The MDX-40R is ideal for product designers, jewellers, educators and custom part production.

Materials suitable for cutting include timber, casting wax and plastics such as polypropylene, polystyrene and acrylic. Even thin wall polypropylene parts can be cut to create flexible parts.

The optional rotary axis unit provides automatic multi-sided cutting for complex product parts to further reduce product development times. Parts can be cut from multiple sides without user intervention.

Two-sided cutting of parts too large for the rotary axis can be achieved by manually turning material over. A step-by-step tutorial to do manual turnovers can be provided by Qubic.

Easy to Use
The MDX-40 connects via USB just like a standard paper printer. By following the simple instructions included, the MDX-40R can be 3D milling within minutes of unpacking.

The Roland MDX-40R Modela also includes an electronic tool-length sensor to automatically calibrate tools when they are changed. This feature is usually only found on more expensive professional mills.

The supplied CAM software to control milling is uses a wizard to assist users and is so straightforward that even school students are using it. For more experienced users, professional computer aided manufacturing (CAM) programs such as Mastercam, PowerMill and Visualmill can be used, providing industry level features.

The Roland MDX-40R is supplied with Modela Player 4 software and Qubic can provide a range of cutters to get started straight away. All you need to supply is a computer. Qubic can also supply a range of 3D design and toolpath programs for complete design creativity.


MDX-40 Rotary
Rotary axis option

MDX-40 3-Axis
Compact desktop size and a complete hardware and software CAM system

Download brochure (PDF: 690Kb) PDF


- Acceptable materials Resins such as chemical wood and modelling wax (metal not supported)
- Table size 305 mm (X) x 305 mm (Y)
- Max. cutting area 305 mm (X) x 305 mm (Y) x 105 mm (Z)
- XYZ-axis motor Stepper motor
- Feed rate

XY-axis: 0.1 to 50 mm/sec., Z-axis: 0.1 to 30 mm/sec.

- Max. table load weight 4 Kg
- Software resolution 0.01 mm/step
- Mechanical resolution 0.002 mm/step
- Spindle motor DC brushless motor, Maximum 100W
- Revolution speed 4500 to 15000 rpm
- Tool chuck Collet
- Interface USB connector, sensor connector, expansion connector
- Acoustic noise level Standby mode : 42 dB (A) or less, Operation mode (not cutting) : 56 dB (A) or less (According to ISO 7779)
- External dimensions 669 mm (W) x 760 mm (D) x 554 mm (H)
- Weight 66 Kg
- Operation temperature 5° to 40° C
- Operation humidity 35 to 80 % (no condensation)
- Operating system Windows® 2000/XP
- Accessories included Power cord, collet, sensor, hexagonal wrench, hexagonal screw drivers, spanners, Roland software package CD-ROM, MODELA Player4 CD-ROM, users manual, Roland Software Package installation and setup guide, MODELA Player4 installation and setup guide