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ROLAND EGX-300 Benchtop Engraver & CNC Mill


The Roland EGX-300 engraver and CNC mill offers professional engraving and machining in a benchtop format. The Roland EGX-300 can engrave simple nametags and nameplates, mill attractive awards with reliefs and produce 3D prototypes. The Roland EGX-300 is computer controlled engraver and CNC mill suitable for professional users or beginners.

Complete user-friendly package
The Roland EGX-300 includes everything you need to get started immediately, including a cutter and a suite of engraving software applications. It is as simple to operate as a desktop printer. The included engraving software allows you to do traditional engraving, 3D reliefs and 3D prototypes with ease. You can convert photographs into 3D reliefs using the included software.

Ease of use is a key feature of the EGX-300 system.

Safe, sturdy construction
The Roland EGX-300 engraver includes both an emergency stop switch and a front cover with an interlock switch which automatically pauses the machine when opened. The front cover also eliminates debris and reduces noise.

Perfect for your desktop
The 305 mm x 230 mm work area, small footprint and enclosed environment allows you to handle a wide range of jobs right from your desktop.

Handles a wide variety of materials
With a spindle speed of up to 15,000 RPM, you can engrave materials faster. Engrave, cut and scribe on a wide variety of materials including plastic and acrylic. Light metals such as brass and aluminium can be cut with an optional diamond cutter. The standard top and optional bottom-loading collets support a wide variety of industry standard tool choices.

The Roland EGX-300 comes with a 1 MB data buffer for quick replotting. It also indicates spindle wear so that users know when to change worn spindles in order to maintain cutting quality.

Coin Sign Various samples

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- Table size 305 mm x 230 mm
- Max. cutting area 305 mm (X) x 230 mm (Y) x 30 mm (Z)
- Feed rate

X, Y-axis : Max. 3600 mm /min; Z-axis : Max. 1800 mm /min.

- Software resolution 0.01 mm /step or 0.025 mm /step (XY axes only)
- Mechanical resolution X, Y and Z-axis : 0.00125 mm /step (micro-step control)
- Spindle motor 30 W (DC motor)
- Revolution speed 5,000 to 15,000 rpm
- Tool chuck Cutter holder and collet system
- Interface Parallel (in compliance with the specification of Centronics) Serial (under RS-232C standard)
- Buffer size 1 MB (960 Kbyte for replot buffer)
- Instruction system CAMM-GL I (mode1, mode2)
- Power consumption 1.8 A / 117 V 0.9 A / 220 to 230 V 0.9 A / 230 to 240 V
- Acoustic noise level During no-load operation : 70 dB (A) or less Standby mode : 30 dB (A) or less (According to ISO 7779)
- External dimensions 598 mm (W) x 545 mm (D) x 357 mm (H)
cover open: 598 mm (W) x 545 mm (D) x 685 mm (H)
- Weight 28.5 kg
- Operation temperature 5° to 40° C
- Operation humidity 35 to 80 % (no condensation)
- Operating system Windows® 95/98/Me/NT® 4.0/2000/XP