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  CX 12 / 24

ROLAND CX-12/24 Benchtop Vinyl Cutter & Plotter

Roland CX series cutter

Signs, displays and labels play an important role in our everyday lives. Whether you need storefront signage, vehicle decals or labels for your store, office, school or home, the Roland CX range of design cutters enable you to quickly and easily create durable graphics. The CX series cutters are faster and can cut tougher materials than the SX series.

Cardboard and thin plastic sheets have been cut on the CX series cutters.

Complete Package
The Roland CX series of vinyl cutters offer the quality, durability and versatility necessary to meet the needs of everyone from the first-time user to the professional. The CX vinyl cutters come complete with cutting blades and 2D design software.

The Roland CX vinyl cutters come complete wiith Dr. CX series PLUS and Roland CutChoice™ software.

Dr. CX series Plus software provides graphic design capability, allowing users to design with text as well as lines. Dr. CX series lets users create beautifully contoured graphics using TrueType fonts, as well as outline illustrations imported as TWAIN scanned or BMP files. You can enlarge or reduce, mirror, rotate, and make larger graphics by cutting two halves separately.

Roland CutChoice™ software allows users to link in Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw designs for easy cutting.

Easy to Use

CX series process

With the supplied software and cutter, everything you need to get started is included. Just connect the Roland cutter to your computer like a normal paper printer and away you go! The included software is very easy to use, so easy that home users, students as well as professionals can get started in a very short period of time.

Just like a desktop printer, the CX series includes a Windows driver that allows users to output directly from vector-based design software. It also comes with Dr. CX series and CutChoice™ software, which allow even first-time users to create attractive, professional-looking signs and graphics.

Education Users
Education users can use the supplied software in their school computer labs on the same site at no additional cost. This capability provides significant cost savings for schools as separate 2D design software is not required. Whether you have 10 computers or 500, so long as you have a Roland cutting machine on-site, you can install the supplied software on all computers at your school.

Window signs
Window signs

Vehicle graphics

Colour signs
Colour signs

Download a brochure (PDF: 751Kb)PDF


  CX-24 CX-12
- Max. cutting area 584mm x 24,998mm 280mm x 24,998mm
- Cutting rate

During cutting: 400 mm/sec. (45-degree direction)
(when [HEAVY] is selected on the display menu: 100 mm/sec.

- Acceptable media width 50 mm to 700 mm 50 mm to 395 mm
- Blade force 30 - 200 gf
- Interface Parallel
- Acoustic noise level Cutting mode: under 70 dB (A) (According to ISO 7779)
- External dimensions 850 mm (W) x 300 mm (D) x 240 mm (H) 545 mm (W) x 300 mm (D) x 240 mm (H)
- Weight 14 kg 10 kg
- Operation temperature 5° to 40° C
- Operation humidity 35 to 80 % (no condensation)
- Operating system Windows® 95/98/Me/NT® 4.0/2000/XP. Roland CutChoice is compatible with Mac OS
- Included accessories Roland CutChoice CD-ROM:1,CutChoice User's Manual:1
Power Cord, Roller Base (CX-24 only), Blade, Blade Holder (XD-CH3)
Startup Manual, To Ensure Safe Use, CD-ROM (CAMM-1 Driver for Windows®, User's Manual)