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Rhinoceros® - NURBS Modeling for Windows

Start with a sketch, drawing, physical model, or only an idea. Rhinoceros provides the tools to accurately model your designs ready for rendering, animation, drafting, engineering, analysis, and manufacturing.

Rhino is very popular and many design and manufacturing companies including Australia's major appliance designers use Rhino.

Rhino screen shot

Freeform Modeling & 3D Scan Data Support
Rhino provides tools similar to that in high-end engineering modeling programs. The tools allow for highly amorphous shapes to be designed in the computer. This means complex objects from cars to human bodies can be modeled.

To make 3D computer modelling easier, faster and more accurate, Rhino supports 3D scanning devices and has a number of features to make use of 3D scanning data. The Microscribe 3D digitizing arm is supported directly in Rhino, and plugins are available to control the Roland PIX scanner as well.

Tools are available to use 3D scan data such as sectioning and surface patching. The result is a more accurate model in a shorter period of time.

Car model
Car modeled by Rod Canare

Rhino is accurate enough to be used in industry for consumer product design, vehicle design and marine design. Files created in Rhino have been used to make tools and dies.

A wide range of import and export options allows Rhino to communicate with most 3D modeling, rendering and prototyping packages in the market today. There are numerous file formats that can be imported or exported by Rhino, some of which include IGES / IGS, DXF, STL and 3DS.

Rhino requires a standard Windows based PC. Even ordinary laptops can run Rhino effectively. No special hardware is required, allowing home hobbyists to use Rhino as well as professionals.

Table Ring Interior
Table modeled by Jozef Jagercik Ring modeled by Alberto Bolzonella Interior modeled by Julien Bouvagnet