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Flexscan 3D

LMI 3D HDI - Metrology Grade and Flexible 3D Scanners

LMI Range

Complete Low Cost 3D Scanning System

Flexscan 3D HDI is a complete low cost 3D scan system incorporating Flexscan 3D software and hardware which has been tested for compatibility and performance. This turnkey system provides excellent value for less than $5000 ex GST for those wanting the convenience of a pre-made scan system. In keeping with the Flexscan philosophy of flexibility, users can install different lenses to create different scan areas from small to large, with a scan range up to 5 metres.

Flexscan 3D stripes

Stripes projected onto an object

Textured 3D scan from Flexscan

Scaleable & Upgradeable

Most 3D scanners are restricted to specific cameras and light projection. Many proprietary systems come as a single unified unit that works under limited parameters that can’t adapt to changes in scanning needs over time.

FlexScan3D captures objects with a wide range of shapes and sizes without having to spend money on a new system every time a new requirement comes up. The software is flexible to your scanning needs. Simply add or upgrade the hardware components to expand and/or customize the scanning system as needed.

The data quality of Flexscan is of high enough quality for reverse engineering as well as for visualisation. Colour cameras will also capture information to map colour texture maps to the scan data.



1.3 MP

3 MP

5 MP

Camera Resolution

(1280 x 1024)

(2048 x 1536)

(2560 x 1920)

Average Points


1.5 million

2.5 million

Average Polygons

1 million

3 million

5 million

Scanning window (Scanning window change requires recalibration)

150mm x 150mm to 2m x 2m

Scan Density

8.5 samples per millimeter at 150mm x 150mm

Z Accuracy

0.02mm to 2mm depending on configured scanning window size

Working Range

0.4 meter to 5 meters

Available Lenses/FOV

6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, 32mm

Scan Speed

1-3 seconds

2-4 seconds

3-6 seconds


Black & White (Monochrome)

B&W or Color

B&W or Color


2200 Lumens to 2700 Lumens, 1024+ resolution

Color Formats

OBJ's with UV texture map, PLY with Color per Vertex

Geometry Formats


Scan Modes Supported

Single, Duo, Duo+

SLR Camera Support