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CASE STUDY - Roland MDX650 & LPX600

Studio 57F1 is a specialist product design and modelmaking company. Handmaking highly detailed models from sketches is one of their specialties, and their work includes chocolates for major food manufacturers as well as the Boonie beer figurine. They have previously been using a Roland CAMM-3 and PIX-3 to support their modelmaking activities by scanning hand sculptured objects or existing products and resizing them to the required production size. All the work was done without having to use CAD programs.

David McCausland, owner of Studio 57F1 saw the potential of the latest 3D CAD programs and 3D laser scanners to improve the company’s productivity. “From our previous experiences with Roland equipment we knew our productivity could be greatly improved and the training required would be minimal” After reviewing the Roland product range David invested in a Roland MDX650 CNC mill and LPX600 3D laser scanner. David chose Roland products because his existing CNC mill and scanner had provided them with years of reliable service. Complementing the new Roland products are Solidworks and Rhinoceros 3D CAD programs.

The Roland MDX650 with rotary axis attachments and automatic tool changer allows Studio 57F1 to cut complex objects unattended from multiple sides. The LPX600 laser scanner allows more complex objects to be scanned in a shorter amount of time compared to the PIX3 touch probe scanner.

Within a day, David was scanning and cutting. “Qubic’s installation and support have been an integral part of the success of this investment.”

The new tools are providing rapid turnaround times for Studio 57F1 while maintaining accuracy. Chocolate designs are hand sculpted, 3D laser scanned, then analysed in 3D CAD packages to determine their volume. Within seconds, adjustments are made to achieve the exact volume required and the re-sized design is then ready for client approval. “We can now machine multicavity tools particularly for casting resin parts and vac forming with greater accuracy and shorter turnaround times.”

Images courtesy of Studio 57F1

Software Used

Roland Modela Player