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Creative Logik Universe

CASE STUDY - Immersion Microscribe 3D Scanner

Lexus render

Creative Logik Universe, LLC

"Creative Logik was hired to create 3D animations of a Lexus IS300, a new model that will be announced later in 2000. We needed to create this model quickly and decided to use MicroScribe.

Al Lopez and Michael Enriquez shared the task of creating the models and animations that had to match photographs supplied by the client. They used the MicroScribe to hand digitize the car body and major internal components from plastic models. Photographs of the real car were used for reference and some of the surface textures.

The VertiSketch plug-in allowed our modelers to get the data into Lightwave quickly and with enough accuracy to create the models we needed."

Original scale cars
The physical models marked for digitizing
Wireframe in Lightwave
Wireframe model in Lightwave
Final renders of the Lexus

Software Used

Lightwave with VertiSketch