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Allan Scharff


Allan Scharff

Allan Scharff is a Danish designer and silversmith whose works have been produced by Royal Copenhagen and Georg Jensen.

Method of use
Allan uses a digital design process where the Roland MDX-650 CNC mill produces prototypes of his designs. 'Rhinoceros' is the 3D CAD program used to create freeform objects. Files are exported as IGES models and imported into 'Quickmill', a computer aided manufacturing (CAM) program.

'Quickmill' is used to prepare the design for production. It is here that cutting speeds, cutter sizes and other parameters are set.

The toolpath created in Quickmill is then sent to the Roland MDX-650 for machining. Prototypes of Allan's designs are produced very quickly in-house.


CAD image
CAD design
Part being cut
MDX-650 milling the design in ureol
Allan with mill
Simple to use, fast results and compact size

Advantages of the Roland MDX-650

Allan chose the MDX-650 for artistic prototyping because it was easy to set up and use, and increased his efficiency.

1. Design development time is reduced as all prototyping is done in-house, not sent to an outside supplier who could take one to two weeks to deliver the model.

2. Costs are reduced

3. Decision making is faster as the physical model is immediately available for review.