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Artec Ray - 110m Range High Accuracy Scanner

Qubic Experience

Qubic is the only Artec reseller in Australia with experience in long range and handheld scanners. Our unmatched knowledge ensures customers receive the best advice and support.

High Accuracy - High Speed - Low Noise

Artec Ray achieves 0.7mm range accuracy and sharp details at 208,000 points per second, ideal for rapid inspection and reverse engineering of large objects such as cars, ships and factory spaces.

Integration with Handheld Scanners

Artec is the only solution that provides one interface to combine handheld and long range scans, avoiding incompatible datasets.

Portable & Wireless

At around 5Kg, the Artec Ray is easily moved when scanning onsite. Scanning can be done wirelessly from a Windows tablet or laptop, avoiding the need for cables that can be an onsite hazard.

Wide Range of Applications

The Artec Ray is ideal for applications including:

Maritime and aerospace
Architecture & Civil Engineering

Key Features

0.7mm range accuracy & low noise

High speed

Wireless scanning

No need for targets


Further information is available on the Artec website:

Artec Ray

Artec Ray - Download a brochure PDF